Cooler Wheels

Marcus founder of 'electrobike;I met Marcus Hays on a bike ride to down town Sausalito. He was working on a bright red sloping sculpture on wheels. Upon closer inspection I discovered it was also a viable solution to an evironmental problem. As Marcus the founder and designer of electrobikes puts it "cooler wheels for a warmer planet" . . . Marcus was warm (warm is fine for people) friendly and open to discuss his enterprise with me . . . the design follows function. The arch privides space for housing batteries and other components and adds rigidity and strength.

Pi electrobike
hybrid electic/human

elecrobike charging in the sunMarcus has long understood the environmental issues that have lately become mainstream. He's been refining and developing his electrobike for over eight years. The key to a practical electric bike is to really make it work anywhere the sun doth shine on this planet of ours . . . you've got to take it off the grid and this can be done with a unique self erecting solar array. The fabric backed solar pannels can be rolled into a small pouch and bunjied to rack in the back of the electrobike. All builders of electric vehicles are waiting for new developments in battery technology. This will save on money, weight, recharge time, energy, and long extension chords. You can find out more about all of this on

electrobike pi salt flats or bust
Electrobike holds the world speed record for electric motorcycles - Bonneville Salt Flats.
Could this be the most important new eco-toy for the rich and famous?

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